Turn your fire into a Jet!

The Jet-Flame is a new type of wood cookstove accessory that improves combustion. A fan blows powerful jets of air underneath the fire, through the charcoal, and into the flames creating intense heat and very little smoke. 

You can use the Jet-Flame to improve an open fire or  traditional stove and with a SSM wood-burning rocket stove for maximum performance. 

With the Jet-Flame any stove can be a high-performance fan stove!

Open Fire with Jet-Flame
Rocket Stove with Jet-Flame
SuperPot with Jet-Flame

Improve your cooking experience

Smoky Open Fire
Jet-Flame Benefits
Clean cooking with the Jet-Flame

See how it works

Inside the Jet-Flame

Inside the Jet-Flame

Flexible power options

Power Options